The Tarot Nerd
Unique and intuitive readings from a literal card-carrying nerd

Hi! I'm Tosca (she/they) - a queer artist, tarot reader, and proud nerd. I've been hyperfixated with niche pop culture since I could form a Vulcan salute, so I decided to fuse my love for tarot reading with my unabashed nerdiness. Thus, The Tarot Nerd was born; where you can get a multitude of tarot readings from over 30 nerdy decks!

Looking to get in touch with your inner child? Try the Muppets deck. Want a reading as delicious as cherry pie? Twin Peaks is calling your name. Feeling more traditional? I always offer readings with the original Rider-Waite-Smith deck. No matter what, The Tarot Nerd has something for everyone.

I offer virtual readings via Zoom, as well as in-person readings at the illustrious Count's Den in Downtown Los Angeles. I also perform crystal and pendulum readings, and I'm available for special events!